Free advices


Free advices and musical arts tips for musicians

« Receiving a harsh comment or criticism on one of your songs or musical piece is never fun».
“We all want our songs and music to please our listeners.”

« You have to think or rethink the criticisms I can make or coming from another person as another tool in your quest to refine your musical work ».

The more songs you write and compose, the more experience you gain in how to achieve your unique vision of your musical universe.”

Free PRO advices for free ?really?

« No evaluation of your music before signing the agreement contract »

Can you evaluate music sent for free listening?


  • In the case of a free submission of a work of 0’45 minutes without a private coaching session but with a FREE opinion and suggestions.
  • You will have to agree that the Studio broadcast on its Youtube channel an educational video that will contain the 0.45 minutes of the music or song sent.
  • The music or song will be cut into small sections and commented, embellished with additional musical lines.
  • It will be mixed with comments to better understand how to improve the composition of a musical work.
  • It will be anonymous (no file name or interpreter name).

Can you NOT evaluate music sent for free listening?

It is not my intention, but if I receive too many requests and I cannot spend the time necessary to propose a professional and constructive musical evaluation of quality.
YES I will have to make a choice.

BUT I will nevertheless send you a personal comment.