Terms & Conditions


You will find here the terms & conditions and how to do if you want to submitt your music tracks to a musical coach for pertinent and free advices.

« No evaluation of your music before signing the agreement contract »

  • Duration of the coaching session : 0 15 30 60 or 120 minutes by Google Meet.
  • Tracking and sending of mp3 or video files the following days.
  • This session is suitable for both beginner and advanced artists.
  • The coaching session is entirely tailor-made.
  • Availability for the session : all week (except weekend)
  • Communicate your phone and email in the order form
  • Language used: French English (with French accent)

Process :

  1. Once you have placed an order, I am notified immediately by email.
  2. You are then contacted directly to sign the contract or broadcast agreement on the Youtube channel and to agree a date for the coaching session
  3. You drop your file to the drive by following the link sent (stereo mix or tracks groups also called stems)
  4. Submissions: Working demos accepted mp3 M4A wav aiff to deposit on a private drive accessed only through a private link.
  5. Send more than 5 stems of your music if possible *
  6. I listen and write my comments and suggestions.
  7. We talk about it.

*Why should I send separate leads?

You don’t have to.
But it will be more interesting and much clearer.
You can group all the drums and percussion tracks.
Guitar tracks or other instruments that are used for rhythm.
The melodic line and the counter-songs.
If I have these leads (called STEM) it will allow me to make even more adapted, precise, easily decoupling suggestions, and allow you to hear better where the point is to be improved.

I remind you of my commitment to the Co signature and royalties in the Agreement Contract.
There will be no evaluation before the contract is signed.

I do not ask you for separate tracks and do not make these constructive musical reviews to steal your ideas, but to propose my experience, expertise and relevant suggestions so that you appreciate the result.